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Vivianne Lapointe

Editor-In-Chief of Live Fast Magazine

Anything worth knowing in the aesthetics of fashion, art, sex and travel — Live Fast magazine editrix, Vivianne Lapointe has been there, done that. A free dive down the rabbit hole of Live Fast’s NSFW sensually steamy photographs, mind-blowing art, lust-worthy fashion and insightful interviews, it’s clear as Lucite to see Vivianne’s pure love for the creative process in all forms.

Once a Montrealer (as if she could get any sexier, she’s fluent in French) Vivianne now calls Los Angeles home, where she oversees Live Fast’s legion of editors and writers contributing beguiling content for us insatiable followers. The visionary curator’s next move is championing up-and-coming artists from the pixelated screen into real life. She curated the first Live Fast art show in L.A. in 2012, and this winter will publish the first ever printed version of the magazine to grace the most stylish of coffee tables.

“Live FAST Magazine encompasses what we consider to be the best aspects of life – FAST being an acronym for Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel. Adventure, creativity, intimacy and feminine power are some of the main facets of the brand. While our content isn’t gender tailored, it is curated by a fantastic team of intelligent women with the goal of empowering young creative,” Vivianne says.

Meet Vivianne

Live FAST is about fashion, art, sex and travel. What inspired you to start Live FAST and when did you first launch it?

I started Live FAST in 2010 a few months after moving to LA from New York City. My life is in constant movement and in order to find some kind of balance and a state of happiness I’ve had to learn over the years to focus on the things that make me lose track of time and actually live in the present. At one point I narrowed it down to the word FAST, an acronym for Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel i.e. what really gets me off. That’s really the inspiration behind the mag, although it’s grown a lot from there.

What were you up to prior to launching Live FAST?

Freelance writing for everyone and their mothers :)

How would you describe yourself and your contribution to social media and your online community of followers?

I thrive to act as a storyteller and hope to inspire readers to pursue not only their own adventures but also their own passions. I also think Live FAST maintains the delicate balance between sexy and classy—a difficult feat to accomplish.

What do you love most about what you do?

The freedom to travel whenever and wherever I want.

Describe an average day.

There is no average day. Everyday is extraordinary when you do what you love! ;)

What is your go to look for day? For night?

Daytime I’m most likely in a cutesy dress with knee high socks, or skinny jeans, boots, vintage tee and a hat. At night I dress it up and usually wear a vixen number, all in black.

What are you listening to now?

Lana Del Rey on repeat in the car.

Who is your ultimate fashion muse?

All about Anna Karina.

What does it mean to you to belong to Amuse Society?

I love the idea of a fashion brand founded by two besties, both dedicated to empowering an eclectic group of interesting, creative babes. I’m excited to meet the other muses and grow with you guys!

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