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Lex Weinstein

Wave Dancer | Creative Director | Blogger

Having the most enviable closet and a chic flat worthy of apartment design photo tours sounds like the top of the world, but for wanderlust surfer and creative beacon, Lex Weinstein, she wanted her life to be a summit of experiences not possessions.

So a few years ago, Lex let it all go. She quit her plush job, sold her beautiful things, and landed in new places without knowing where she’d be sleeping that night. She talked to strangers and trusted in the cosmic energy of the universe. Now an American ex-pat living in Australia, Lex’s life is enviable and abundant in a totally different way. She spends her sunrise to sunset seeking out longboard-friendly waves to glide upon, collaborating on dreamy photo shoots and blogging with uninhibited honesty about whatever is on her mind.

And of course, her closet is once again packed with memorable souvenirs but she’s not letting that weigh her down from the next flight into the unknown — after all, bikinis take up hardly any luggage space.

Meet Lex

On your blog, you state “I traded security and stability for adventure and inspiration” share with us exactly what that means.

About 2 years ago before I started this journey abroad, I was working a really fast-paced, high fashion retail position working about 60 hours a week. I had a new car, a killer apartment, steady paycheck...the American dream. But I had this nagging feeling in my gut that this was not my purpose, that there was something greater out there for me. When the opportunity to travel presented itself it was like the affirmation I had been waiting to hear for so long.

I quit my job, sold all my belongings, said goodbye to my closest friends and family and took off to see the world in search of inspiration, passion, and adventure. I just wanted to feel alive again, even if that meant being scared, and alone, and unsure of the future while immersed in unknown lands. It was scary at first but absolutely life changing and by far the best decision I’ve ever made!

You’re a talented surfer and “wave dancer” (as we like to call it ☺). Do you remember your first time on a longboard? When did you know you were hooked?

Aww thank you for saying so! I actually started surfing on a short board and for years was adamant to give the boys a run for their money haha! When I moved to Florida for college where the waves are usually pretty small, a friend turned me onto longboarding just so we could be out in the water more often. I remember the first super long wave I ever caught, gliding for what felt like forever, connecting to the absolute simplicity of just standing and trimming along the face of the wave.

There was no trying, no effort, no ego. Just pure energy, it felt like floating. I remember giggling like crazy catching wave after wave and felt like a little kid again! That’s when I knew I wanted to be wave dancer, not a wave destroyer! It’s just so feminine and graceful, and it's more about being in tune with the ocean, allowing the wave to dictate your next move rather than being focused on how huge you can make your cutback.

We love so many things about Australia. As a native, what do you love best about living there?

I’m actually not a native...I’m a total ex-pat! But what made me fall in love with it here is the lifestyle. People work to live, rather than living to work. There’s kind of an ongoing joke about people who are work obsessed...if you have a ton of money but can’t take the weekend off to go for a surf or weekend camp then how rich are you really?

Often people work two weeks on, two weeks off so they can pack their families into a camper van and road trip the coast, which I think is the raddest tradition ever. And where I live in northern NSW, the weather is to die for so everyone is always outside! As soon as the sun is up you will see people of all ages jogging, hiking, surfing and making the most of the beautiful surroundings. Every place has its pros and cons, but I think Australia really has its priorities in check and Aussies definitely know how to have a good time ;)

Tell us about an important moment in your life which you will never forget.

I had just arrived to Bali for the first time, totally alone with no boards, only a slight idea of where I was going and absolutely no clue of what my plan was. I got in a taxi and headed towards the Bukit Peninsula, a very general region where I knew there was surf but not much else. The drive was not what I expected, dusty roads and miles of traffic with a glimpse or two of palm trees but no exotic views like the expectations built by my Caribbean island travels.

Because I had no exact place to be dropped off, we drove around aimlessly looking for somewhere I could stay where I wouldn’t feel totally sketched out and that was still close to the surf (having never driven a motorbike and not exactly ready to try!). My taxi driver was absolutely no help, so finally, I just saw a sign for a place and went with my gut. “Yep, here is good,” I remember saying while thinking, “I actually have NO idea if it is.” It ended up being a gorgeous bungalow resort in Bingin that is usually booked months in advance, but that happened to have a cancellation and put me in a stunning, cliffside villa all to myself.

I’ll never forget the moment I walked past the hut, looked over that cliff and saw, in both directions, point break after point break of turquoise waves, juxtaposed to undulating, jagged cliffs, shimmering in the evening sun. My breath was literally taken from my lungs, and I just stood there starring for about 20 minutes, smelling the salt air and feeling the offshore winds lightly blow through my hair. It was in that moment that I knew I had made the right decision, and that I could never go back to the life I once had.

What is your go to look for day? For night?

Daytime: Something easy to chuck on over a bikini after a long morning surf -- ripped jeans, a crop top, cute boots and a wool fedora. There’s also usually a flannel shirt tied around my waist at all times.

At night I love a printed dress, nice and short to show off the pins but flowy and loose fitting so still feels casual. Paired back to a gladiator sandal, chunky knit, and epic vintage bag and I’m good to go :)

What are you listening to now?

Alt-J, Courtney Barnett, Borns, Neil Young, London Grammar, Cream, Chopin...def an eclectic mix.

Who is your ultimate fashion muse?

Olsen sisters. Since I was 5. They can do no wrong.

What does it mean to you to belong to Amuse Society?

It means being a part of a group of women who cannot be described in just one word, women who are multi-faceted, multi-talented, and have something to say, who are inspired and inspiring, who wake up every day and work their asses off to create something original because they just love what they do that damn much.

It means being in a society of badass chicks who want to a see a world run by Her, not because it’s cool or trendy or feminist but because there’s an insatiable desire from deep within to constantly produce incredible radness.

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