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Joanna Halpin


Growing up in the coastal countryside of Cornwall, English model Joanna Halpin’s tranquil beach gal roots are a calm sea of composure in the fast-paced London fashion game.

Stepping off a red-eye flight and exuding the apex of cool throughout a whole season of back-to-back photo shoots and go-sees is enough to break any ingénue with flawless pores and lean limbs. Joanna however, is an expert balancing act of turning on for the camera and off duty into nature or a good novel. Posting up with reading material at a chill coffee shop (she’s an pro at discovering a quality barista in any city) or catching up with friends over a leisurely lunch, her irresistible magnetism makes simply hanging out look like the best day ever.

Next up for the doe-eyed model and Tumblr addict is starting a blog of her own with her sister, also a model, (how do we sign up to be in this genetically blessed family?) that is sure to be a must-read peek into Joanna's world of salty sunshine, arrestingly candid musings and pure sartorial eye candy. Basically, our perfect universe.

Meet Joanna

You’re from London. Tell us about growing up in London.

I'm not actually from London. I'm from Cornwall, England and moved to London just over two years ago to start modelling. I love living in London now and it feels like my home. I always miss it when I'm away. Growing up in Cornwall was wonderful though. It is all beautiful countryside and beaches so was a great place to live as a child and my parents still live there so I get to go back every so often.

When it comes to modeling, all eyes are on you. Tell us about the last time you felt shy.

Literally a couple of days ago. I was filming an advert against a green screen and it was the first time I have ever done that so I was pretty nervous. It was a lot of interacting and dancing with imaginary characters so when I first stepped on set I was like 'oh god what am I doing?!' But everyone was so friendly and helpful that after a couple of minutes it was fine! Generally, I still get really shy every time I shoot with a new team or client.

When you’re not in front of the camera, what are you up to?

Sleeping, eating, drinking. I really enjoy doing 'nothing' when I have days off. I love just waking up naturally, drinking coffee and reading in bed until I feel I really should get out of bed. Later I might meet a friend for lunch or to do something fun that afternoon. Going out for food is one of my favourite things to do.

What is your go to look for day? For night?

For day it would be black jeans and just a basic top, probably navy and white stripped with trainers and a jacket. For night still black jeans (I am not really one for a dress), a black vest top and if I'm feeling fancy, a pair of heeled boots.

What are you listening to now?

Fleetwood Mac vibes, always.

With all the long days and rigorous travel schedule, any beauty tips to staying healthy?

Drink lots and lots of water. It helps keep skin clear (although sometimes I swear nothing keeps my skin clear when travelling) and hydrated and often tiredness is mistaken for dehydration. I recently read that you're meant to drink two glasses of water in the morning when you first wake up as it helps reduce tiredness and is great for metabolism for the whole day.

Who is your ultimate fashion muse?

The Olsens or Alexa Chung.

What does it mean to you to belong to Amuse Society?

I feel privileged to have been asked and to have gotten to work with this wonderful, brand new company. It's very cool to be the first model shot for your website and I am very grateful that I got the chance to meet the amazing Amuse Society team and to now belong as one of your Amuse Society girls, thank you!

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