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C.C. Sheffield

Actress | DJ | Jewelry Designer

C.C. Sheffield’s job, by definition, is to be the life of the party. With a Hollywood starlet gaze and musical genius behind the turntables that gets strobe-lit dance floors pulsating — it’s no wonder why C.C. was on the VIP list of the glitterati club scene years before she was even legal to order up at the bar.

An early natural at nighttime revelry, C.C. played in the moody rock band, Le Rev at Steve Aoki’s celebrity hangout Cinespace, where her pretty face was one of The Cobrasnake’s favorite subjects. Soon she was hitting it off with famed electronic DJ Tiesto, and their collab party anthem “Escape Me” shot C.C.’s musical career into the stratosphere. Jet-setting to DJ for packed clubs in Egypt, France, Australia and across the U.S., oh and by the way, being nominated for a Grammy for songwriting Deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon” — it’s all in a night’s work for the vagabond it girl.

Creativity and lust for life fuel C.C. into the daytime hours as she models, hones her acting chops and toys with her rock glamour style. Landing film roles by nearly the whole Coppola family (Sofia, Roman and Gia are fans), expect her name to grace movie posters in no time. Being photogenic with a braggable list of accolades would turn any starlet into selfie obsession. But not C.C., who escapes the limelight by volunteering at Zeno Mountain Farm, a bi-annual gathering of disabled and able-bodied actors that make a film and perform in a community theatre. And we bet she’s the life of that party too.

Meet C.C.

What do you love most about being a DJ? Any challenges?

My DJing career came about after I started a night with friends who were other Hollywood musicians. When touring bands like MGMT or The Kills came through town, we would host them and I got to connect, share music and host these amazing dance parties. Once my songwriting with EDM powerhouses Tiesto and Skrillex came about it, was the start of my international DJ journey.

My gigs went from trendy brand parties to pulsating nightclubs. At the time, I was 1 of 3 girls in my agency; Samantha Ronsan, Sky Neller and myself, from a total roster of 45 DJs - it's definitely been a boys game. The big nightclubs have amazing sound systems and huge dance floors. These days I get a driver, bottles, hotel, meals and flights. After being a lowly indie rocker for so long this is as close to being a rockstar as I get. The pitfalls are pervey promoters, being alone and hungover on the flight home the next morning.

Your top three dancing songs…Go!

  1. "Heartbeats" by The Knife
  2. "Escape Me" by Tiesto and yours truly
  3. Anything from Britney Spears

Right now, what are you most looking forward to in life?

I want a house and babies, a stable business brand and want to learn guitar and sing more.

What does mentorship mean to you?

A lot of people have tried to impose their ideas and opinions on my career, yet without substance. I believe Amuse Society's founders Summer and Mandy have a lot of experience in the business of fashion and on a mass scale. As a small business owner, I'm excited by this mentorship as it will help develop my Jewlery brand Moi Moon by strategizing a worldwide expansion of stores and not just online.

What is your go to look for day? For night?

Rock t-shirt and skirt, anything leather and a jean jacket with Nike’s. Checkout my outfits on insta @ccsheffield because I go to TV and movie auditions daily, so I literally get to dress for a character everyday. For night, a vintage dress or shopDAWN dress with Isabel Marant heels. I also have a pair of Lavin ballet flats that are almost dead.

Who is your ultimate fashion muse?

All of the Rolling Stones girlfriends—Bianca Jagger, Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful. Even Mick's kids, Georgia and Jimmy provide inspiration. They are sweethearts. I have either dyed my hair like Anita, wore a white suit like Bianca or sweet dresses like Marianne Faithful. I want to be designer-chic when on tour; not too precious, not too put together, but always stylish.

What does it mean to you to belong to Amuse Society?

I’m excited to be a part of a curated collection of women who are rockstars in their own categories. Being a part of a collective is exciting to me and I want to see how we can add to and influence each other's lives. I'm a lone wolf of sorts in my endeavors, so I'm eager to learn and be in group of extraordinary ladies.

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