Amuse Society

  1. Georgia Fowler Featured Image

    Georgia Fowler


    If anyone is meant for the fast-paced hustle and bustle of NYC, it's Georgia Fowler. She belongs in the city, but judging by the way she owns every runway and runs around with NYC's most elite crowds, it's as though the city actually belongs to her. She shines under the lights, walks tall amongst skyscrapers. But she’s a girl who never slows down and at any moment might book a flight back to ...

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  2. Brydie Mack Featured Image

    Brydie Mack

    Photographer | Actress

    Those who say you can’t do it all — haven’t met Brydie Mack. The Sydney-based natural beauty can seamlessly inhabit every role on the call sheet — photographer, model, actress, stylist — and on most sets (including ours!) she’s wearing two of those hats at a time. From her insatiable collection of film cameras to spotting undiscovered fresh faces, Brydie loves every gritty and glorious detail ...

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  3. Barbara Di Creddo Featured Image

    Barbara Di Creddo


    You can take a babe away from the beach, but you can't take the beach out of a Brazilian babe like Barbara Di Creddo. Dressed up in leather pants and heels out to dinner in SoHo, or softly lit against a white studio backdrop, Barbara’s bronzed skin, messy sun-kissed locks and overall I-just-came-back-from-vacation-casual-attitude shines wherever she goes. It's all part of her innate je ne sais ...

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Our Society

Our society is a group of women who represent all shades of creative expression, ranging from fashion and art, to music, design and photography. these women embody our brand’s philosophy and each have a unique point of view.

Our vision is to create a culture that supports women and their crafts, and we dedicate this space to personify these women in a collaborative, storytelling way.

XO, Amuse Society