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Amuse Swim Week: Beach Workout

As Amuse Swim Week continues, we grabbed another bikini babe friend to get us motivated for those skimpy kinis. Get up and join us with our very own Kylie Yoshida as she demonstrates easy-to-do-anywhere exercises.

Beach Workout

For Obliques

  1. Start in a side plank position. Push hips to the sky with right arm planted strongly on the ground and left hand lifted straight up.

  2. Reach left hand around body and through. Repeat set of 10.

  3. Switch side plank to left side for a set of 10.

Beach Workout

For Total Body Workout

  1. Start in downward dog. Raise right leg high and pull knee into chest aiming to touch left elbow.

  2. Raise right leg high again. Pull knee into chest this time aiming to touch right elbow.

  3. Alternate between left and right elbow for a total of 10 reps.

  4. Switch to left leg and repeat.

Beach Workout

For Abs

  1. Lay flat on back with legs straight. Start with right arm rested straight above your head on the ground and left arm rested straight down along your side.

  2. Simultaneously raise your right arm and left leg to touch (keeping both straight). Aim to reach past your ankles.

  3. Repeat for a set of 10. Switch arm and leg and repeat.

Beach Workout

For Core/Lower Back

  1. Start in table top position. Slowly raise right arm and left leg (simultaneously if possible). Tighten core as you keep limbs super straight and long.

  2. For extra core, slowly bend right elbow and left knee to touch. Tighten core as you balance. Set of 10 on each side.

Beach Workout

For Booty/Thighs

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Step out with right leg to a side lunge. Sit as low as possible.

  2. Return to center. Repeat on other side. Set of 10

Beach Workout

Beach Workout

Amuse Swim Week: Miami City Guide

In the spirit of Amuse Swim Week and soaking up sun (and best Instagram pics and Snaps) in Miami, we’ve put together the ultimate city guide with our favorite, must go, must drink, must eat, and must shop places in Miami Beach. Consider this a cheat-sheet that everyone who will be in town for Miami Swim Week (and every local, for that matter!) should have. Read on, then get moving!



SLS South Beach

The rooms are black and white and super stylish (as is the rest of the hotel). The hotel has two pools: one is a bit quiter, the other is the party pool with DJ’s, fog machines – the whole nine.

The Raleigh

Iconic and best known for their pool, and it’s unique shape and design, the Raleigh is another favorite. Side note, the Raleigh doesn’t have a gym, but if you stay there, you’re able to use the gym at the SLS.

W South Beach

The W is always a solid choice (and the pink lounge chairs on the beach make for a cute Instagram picture :)

The Miami Beach EDITION

If you’re looking for a more upscale experience and you don’t care about the ease of walking to shops and restaurants bon Collins Ave., then The Miami Beach EDITION is 100% the way to go!

The Nautilus Hotel

The new-comer to South Beach, we'll be staying here during our trip and can't wait to see this beautiful hotel in person!


Any of the hotels above have great pools to lay out by and if you're more of a beach person, there's always easy beach access along the South Beach strip.


MARKET AT EDITION at the Edition Hotel

You will want to order every thing off Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s menu, promise! Best part? It’s open 24 hours, so it can be your first stop in the day for coffee, or last stop at night for a gourmet pizza!

La Sandwicherie

Our go-to spot when we're looking for yummy and freshly made salads and sandwiches to eat on the go.

The Resturant at The Raleigh

The caesar salad at The Raliegh is the best caesar salad we've ever had, coast to coast. We guarantee you will love it. Pair it with a refreshing glass of rose and it tastes even better!

Casa Tua

Casa Tua is such a hidden. Not only is the food outstanding, but the ambiance is so unique. When you arrive ask if the Chef’s Table is available. If it’s not booked in advance for a private dinner or event, anyone can sit there. Candles and flowers run down the center of the table, giving it the warmest yet chicest vibe. If you need a meal reco, order the Truffle Risotto and you’ll be dreaming about it for months to come.

Nobu at Eden Roc

You'll always find us having dinner and drinks at Nobu at least one of the nights during our trip. We haven't visited their new location at Eden Roc Miami since they moved from the Shore Club, but we know it won't disappoint!



Rooftop drinks here are a must – breathtaking views of all of Miami Beach!



This is the first place we'll be heading after landing in Miami. Hands-down our favorite shop! They have an amazing swimwear section, and also a great variety of well-known designers as well as up-and-comers.

Other shops to visit: The Webster, BASE, Alchemist, and Boheme Boutique.

For vintage shopping visit: Antique and Collectible Market and Fly Boutique.

The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast -- There's a reason this stretch of pristine beaches on the East coast of Australia is named as such. When my dear friend Anna rang from California, eager to hop on a plane, I was ecstatic at the chance to show her not only my backyard of Byron Bay, but all the killer breaks and adventures for 80+ km north.

A week later, I found myself hitting the road, sandwiched between the lovely Anna and our talented Aussie mate Nick Green, exploring autumn days of perfection. Camping in the van, waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise, chasing waves and hiking sacred rainforest kept us smiling for days. Exploring familiar territory with new eyes was enlightening and refreshing as I hosted Anna's first proper trip to Australialand.

xx Lex

Lex Weinstein

Kalea Striped Sleveless Neoprene One Piece

Lex Weinstein

Oceanic Pocket Tee

Lex Weinstein

Marre Bandana High Neck Top

Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein

Makala Floral Long Sleeve Neoprene One Piece

Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein

Lex Weinstein

Alyssa Tie Dye One Piece

Lex Weinstein

Photography by Nick Green

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