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Amuse x Samudra: Meet Jennifer Binney

Meet Jennifer Binney, designer and creator of Samudra. As a photographer, designer, and traveller she has captured her love for island life through her beautiful photography of the natural beauty that surrounds her. Known for her tropical and picturesque bags (pretty sure we all own one), Jen also resides in nature’s paradise, Oahu. Her collection brings the beauty of the islands to every piece. Learn how this summer's hottest collab came to be...

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Amuse x Samudra

For those who aren’t familiar with Samudra just yet, give us your brand’s quick background.

Samudra is a dichotomy; with our core being tropical (as I am born and raised in Hawaii), and our roots grounded in India, where we have our small factory. The brand is a reflection of how these two worlds come together. “Samudra” in Sanskrit means ocean; the gathering of waters.

How did you and Mandy (Amuse co-founder) first meet? At which point did you know you wanted to collaborate together?

Mandy and I met a few years ago when Amuse was just launching. We partnered with some other brands for a cocktail event during Miami Swim Week. A few years later, she reached out to me when her team and her were feeling the vibe to do a more tropical, digital swim experience, and of course I jumped on that.

Describe the collaboration process. What attracted you to collaborating with Amuse Society?

I would describe the process as open, Mandy and her team really let me just do what I do naturally…tropical.

Who is this collaboration designed for?

The collab is designed for the ocean lover that enjoys function with design. The suits are sexy and stylish on their own, but can also be worn surfing or paddling.

Hawaiian photographer (and overall creative babe) Brooklyn Dombroski is the face of the collab. How did this come to be?

When we thought about doing a little shoot for “Beach Vida Aloha,” I really wanted to capture the beauty of our local girls here in Hawaii, and I also wanted someone that could represent that strong ocean woman. To me, Brooke epitomizes all these things – she rips at surfing, and is a pure tropical goddess.

Which is your favorite piece from the Amuse x Samudra collaboration?

So hard to choose, but I really love the “Queens Cheeky One Piece” wetsuit. It’s always been a dream of mine to do neoprene.

What’s next for Samudra?

Samudra is looking forward to traveling and getting inspired by the world. When I first started, I wanted to travel somewhere exotic every year shoot pics and use that inspo to create the collection. As years passed, I got caught up in the busy-ness of work, so goal this year is to go back that…

Photo Credit: Bailey Rebecca Roberts

A Look Behind The Collection: Summer '17

Our summer collection is always a dream to shoot. There’s this extra special feeling about it…the transition of the seasons, the use of new colors and prints both vibrant and sun faded, and new styles and cuts that gently reintroduce bare skin to the golden sun. It’s a feeling of being refreshed and recharged.

Enter our muse, Alena Blohm, the epitome of a golden girl with her sun kissed skin and windswept hair. Alena seemed to be right at home as we skipped from one private beach to another. The day was beautiful and the water was unusually crystal clear. There was love in the air as Alena was being photographed by her boyfriend, Bryce Thompson. The two were in a world of their own when the camera was on, creating perfect moments in their shots.

The collection came to life as the day went on. Golden prints were played up by the sun, while faded hues looked dreamy on tan skin, and crisp whites looked fresh against the gleaming ocean background. An effortless style approach helped carry our muse throughout the day...hints of gold brought brightness to Alena's dewey skin and salty blonde hair, and a charming touch on some of the looks was a black ribbon holding Alena’s perfectly disheveled ponytail.

We ended the shoot moments before sunset, with just enough time to cheers with a glass of rosé. It was such a good day where everything came together effortlessly…location, direction, model, photgrapher, hair and makeup artist, and the Amuse team. We were very excited to share this new collection with you!










Photography by Stefanie Vinsel

Making The Collection: Amuse for D'Blanc Collab

Us Amuse girls L O V E sunglasses, but really who doesn’t?! They are a must living in southern California and a part of our daily routine! I personally am obsessed and own more pairs than I can keep up with. When D’Blanc approached us with the idea of collaborating on a collection of sunnies, I was thrilled to say the least. I had always wanted to design sunglasses, especially since I have been watching my husband do it for years.

The first step was to get with my team and brainstorm! We challenged ourselves to create styles that were on trend yet at the same time, a bit timeless. Our hope was to create a collection of frames that become your daily go-to; the pair that you reach for every time you get in your car or head to the beach because they are your most comfortable pair and will match any outfit you’re wearing. We then gathered a collection of inspo tears and started creating a mood board. This is the best place for me to start so that I can see all ideas in one place to assure one direction is set. The team and I all shared our go-to sunglasses that we wear every day. It was funny how each pair the girls brought in really defined their personalities. I decided that I wanted to make sure that within this collection there was a style for every personality on the team.

I then started channeling our rock-muse on a beach holiday and the girl whose bag is never unpacked. I was inspired by what she might wear as she heads off to the desert this spring for a casual weekend getaway, and because all the sunglasses are made in Italy, I dreamed of what she will want to take with her on her next vacation to the Amalfi coast of Italy! Working with the D’Blanc team was a dream – a group of rad guys who have all been in the sunglass world long enough to know exactly what they are doing. Rob Riese, Co-founder and Creative Director, brought me a mix of materials and lenses to play with.

I wanted to create an overall warm color palette so that all the frames created this beautiful color story and looked like a palette straight out of one of our Amuse collections. We love using shades of moccasin, blacks, creams, and pinks and always with a touch of bling! I also wanted to infuse hits of snake to compliment some of the animal prints in our apparel line, and the materials used in our shoe collab. with Matisse. We sketched up several design options before we landed on the final 5 styles!

Modern Lover is a stunning cat-eye and will certainly be my personal go-to pair in black snake. Sonic Bloom (coming soon) is a 70’s oversized frame and is so pretty on brunettes with its warm tones and rose gold details. Prologue is a must for the upcoming festival season with its smaller round shape and statement mirrored lenses. Dosed (Marquis)…hmmm, another one that might be added to my daily routine. I love the metal frame with a hint of taupe and the black snakeskin with mirrored lenses for more of a statement. This will be another festival season must have! Last, but not least, Prose (coming this May). It’s our signature oversized round frame in Black and Tort. Super retro and would look so good paired with a bikini on your next Italian getaway!

Last step was to call on our friend Cameron Hammond and his wife Rachel and have them photograph the collection! We selected South African model Danika as our muse and we shot her in her hometown of Cape Town. I love the final images and feel they are a true extension of the collection.

Check out the below images from BTS of our design days and happy shopping muses!

xx Mandy

Making The Collection

Making The Collection

Making The Collection

Making The Collection

Making The Collection

Making The Collection

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