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The Perfect Beach Braid

We love the serenity and calmness of the beach in the fall — throwing on our favorite bikini + a loose top and flowy pants. It’s no wonder we have an infinity for ease, including effortlessly beautiful hair and makeup. Our current go-to beach hairstyle is a loose fishtail braid.
Follow these easy steps below to get the look!

Step 1: Make sure hair is well brushed and ready for action.

Step 2: Divide hair into two parts! (Usually with a normal braid you divide the hair into three but for the fishtail it is two, you'll see why).

Step 3: Take both chunks of hair in your hands, you grab a small piece of hair from the under part of one side. Let's say, the left side.

Step 4: Take that little piece you picked out from the bunch, and bring it over and around the left side to join it with the right side. It will belong there now and will stay there.

Step 5: Do the same thing with the right side, grabbing a little piece of the under part of the right side to join it with the left. Remember to grab it under and bring it over to the other side.

Step 6: After a while you will start to see the fruits of your labor! Once you are finished, you can add a hair tie.

Step 7: If desired, begin to pull the sides of braid outwards. Don't worry, there are so many tiny strands connected - it won't fall out. Continue to pull at the pieces to make the braid more full and less perfect!

Go for it and be amazed!

The Çesme Peninsula

Guest post by Society babe and Editor-in-Chief of Live FAST Magazine Vivianne Lapointe

The Çesme peninsula is a hidden gem - a seaside getaway on the western Aegean coast loved by windsurfers and wealthy Turkish vacationers who prefer its rural character to the more touristy Bodrum. We rented a car from the Izmir airport and checked in to our private villa in a lovely vineyard that grows shiraz and grenache, less than 10 miles away from the Alaçati center. Walking around the narrow, picturesque cobble streets lined with stone houses, and blue shutters against whitewashed walls, I kind of felt like we were in Greece. We decided to spend the afternoon lounging at the Fly Inn Beach Club, ate some mussels fresh from the sea, had a few tequila shots and took a nap on the wooden beach chairs strategically placed so you could dip your feet in the crystal clear water while you doze off.

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Amuse x Live Fast Summer Tour

Dusk To Dawn

We spent a sunny autumn day at San Onofre State Beach with BFFs, Stefanie and Kelsie. It was a beautiful October morning -- not too hot, but not too chilly yet. Stef and Kels showed us some of their favorite spots and things to do. And nevertheless, we were reminded that qualitity is greater than quantity, especially when it comes to friendship.

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Amuse: "How did you become friends and when?"

Stef + Kels: "We actually became friends about a year ago. We don't have a long history, but it's definitely a significant one. She stepped in right when I thought my life was falling apart. We have a mutually friend that knew we'd love each other, being two chicks from the midwest called westward by the California waves - who love life, people and travel, so she connected us."

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Amuse: "If you could take your dream trip together, where would it be and why?"

Stef: "We're are planning a 2 month road trip to Alaska next summer. That's a mega dream trip of ours. We have always wanted to drive up the coast; north, north, north and more north, stopping along the way, meeting people and basking in nature. We are hoping to document it to inspire people to find and become who they truly are meant to be in this crazy world."

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Amuse: What are your favorite things to do together?

Stef + Kels: Beach days, of course -- but really...We live so close and spend most of our free time swimming in the ocean, running around in the sand and watching the sunset. Some of our most amazing conversationss have happened at dusk, sitting on a lifeguard tower, drinking a glass of wine. Also, we actually love the fact that we live together, in the same room, share the same closet and get to wake up next to each other. One of our favorite things to do is just that, brew some coffee, light candles - open our front door and get our day started together. We also thoroughly enjoy hosting people at our little home, we call "The Bird's Nest". We've seemed to create this little nook in the chaos on 39th street that people come to find peace and rest. Also, drinking wine, day dreaming, eating, so many road trips and talking a lot, a lot.

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Photographer: Sarah Kunst | Models: Stefanie Vinnsel + Kelsie O'Connor

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